Soldiers and Airman Celebrate the 65th Annual Governors Day Ceremony

Approximately 7,000 Air and Army National Guardsman fell into formation on Tarbet Field Sep.14, 2019, at Camp Williams, Utah for the 65th Annual Governors Day ceremony, one of Utah’s proudest traditions.

Similarly to years past, this year’s Governors Day was launched with some key themes that Gary R. Herbert, the Governor of Utah and Maj. Gen. Jefferson Burton, adjutant general of the Utah National Guard wanted to relay to the men and women who serve in the ranks of the Utah National Guard.

While addressing the guardsmen, the themes discussed were about how they can stay ready, reliable, relevant, and responsive. Herbert spoke about the challenges of having the dual purpose of serving the state while accomplishing our federal missions as well.

“Today, regardless of the challenges that we face, and we certainly have them here in this state, and through this country and throughout the world, I take courage in the knowledge that whatever task lies ahead, it’s not as great as the power that I see before me here today.” Said Herbert.

Herbert took a moment to remind service members and their families of what the true purpose of governors day is. It’s not just to review the troops that serve the people of the state of Utah, keeping its citizens safe and protecting their liberties. He made it clear it was to honor them and their families for their service and sacrifice.

He also used his time as an opportunity to acknowledge the families of Utah’s recently fallen soldiers Maj. Brent Taylor, who was serving with the Special Operations Joint Task Force and also served as the mayor of North Ogden, and Capt. Corey Holmgren, a Chaplain with the 19th Special Forces Group. He expressed the sensitivity of this years ceremony emphasizing the sacrifice that’s brought by guard members and their families.

“Thank you for preserving our freedoms, our liberties, and our way of life. We are proud of your service and your great example. May God bless you and your service. May God continue to bless the great state of Utah, and may God bless the United States of America.”

After Herbert finished his speech, he opened the mic to Burton who expanded on the themes of this year’s ceremony, especially in staying ready and continuing to improve ourselves as time moves forward.

“Luck favors the prepared, and that’s why we work so hard to ensure our formations are ready to go, should we be called upon.” Said Burton.

Burton spoke about the pyramid that soldiers and airman live with daily, their physical, mental and spiritual well being. He also explained that their health is the responsibility of the individual and that caring for yourself is most important.

He asked in the coming year that they maintain their physical fitness, emotional and mental health, and finally, find something spiritual to enrich their lives.

After the pass in review the ceremony came to an end, the guardsmen did what they usually do, enjoy good food, fun activities, and most importantly spend time with their loved ones who serve and sacrifice along with them.

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