Around the World and Back Again

Story by Rebecca McCarthy, Navy Recruiting District Raleigh Public Affairs
NEW BERN, N.C. (July 12, 2019) – Damage Controlman 2nd Class Andrew Basbas believes we can either sit back and let the world shape us, or we can step up and shape the world.

“I was born and raised in a Marine Corps town: Jacksonville, North Carolina. I had the same thoughts about joining the military that most kids did my age; don’t join now, but go to school, so that’s what I did,” said Basbas.

When he graduated high school, Basbas moved to Lindenhurst, Illinois, to attend college. “I started going to school for criminal justice. However, college became too financially difficult for me to handle. In 2013, I decided that I needed to do something more with my life, so I joined the US Navy,” said Basbas.

Basbas felt liberated by this decision thanks to his newly found financial stability and career prospects.

“Since joining the Navy, I feel like I have had more opportunities to explore my life as an adult and make moves toward being the person I want to be,” said Basbas.

Although Basbas loved his job and the opportunities the Navy has to offer, he soon realized he wanted to explore more of the Navy outside of his area of expertise. “I wanted to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone, so I applied to be a recruiter.” Basbas is currently a recruiter in New Bern, North Carolina, just an hour drive from where he grew up.

“I feel like recruiting was the challenge I needed in my life right now. It has been a way to give back to my community and guide young adults to a successful career like others have done for me,” said Basbas.

His command has recognized his hard work and perseverance; Basbas has received three gold-wreath awards and a six-shooter award from Navy Recruiting District (NRD) Raleigh for consistently bringing more people into the Navy than he’s required to.

“I have only been recruiting for about seven months now, and I can honestly say that it has been an adventure thus far,” said Basbas.
Basbas says his main take away from recruiting is he can no longer be anti-social. He says he never thought he could get up in front an auditorium of people and give a speech or even walk around and start conversations.

“The Navy has shown me how to step out of my bubble and make the most of what the world has to offer,” said Basbas.

As Basbas continues his career as a Navy recruiter, he wants to take away as much from the experience as possible. He looks forward to going back out to the fleet, traveling the world on a ship once again, and enriching his shipmates with the knowledge he gained during his time as a recruiter.

NRD Raleigh territory includes North and South Carolina as well as the city of Augusta, Georgia.

Navy Recruiting Command consists of a command headquarters, three Navy Recruiting Regions, 18 Navy Recruiting Districts and eight Navy Talent Acquisition Groups that serve more than 1,330 recruiting stations across the world. Their combined goal is to attract the highest quality candidates to assure the ongoing success of America’s Navy.

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