Offutt Against Drunk Driving just got easier

Offutt Against Drunk Driving, a volunteer organization that provides designated drivers to members of Team Offutt, is focused on making innovated changes to benefit their customers, drivers and dispatchers.
OADD is available on the weekends from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. and for events by request.

In order to improve the request process, the team has created a new event request form which can be found on their website along with readily assessable contact information on the home page.

“We have made it easier to contact OADD officers outside of duties hours by setting up an OADD civilian email account and encouraging customers to text the on-call phone,” said SrA Laverta Straham, OADD president.
For drivers, a section was added to the site so they can gather everything needed to successfully complete their job.

“When signing up for events, volunteers can now see more information about the event such as where it is, the duration, whether or not they need to be on-call or present at the event, and the attire for the event,” Straham said.

Additionally, OADD has implanted an automatic hour tracker and updated registration so volunteers agree to have insurance before they are able to be drivers. Drivers are required to carry a valid driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance and keep their vehicle in compliance with all applicable ordinances.

For dispatchers, the team is working to allow dispatchers to dispatch drivers using a map system on the OADD website. Drivers can travel out to the entire Omaha and Council Bluffs area to help Offutt members get home safely.

Finally, the team is looking into expanding their means of advertising the program.

“We are working on developing an OADD flyer that we hope to distribute in Rising View’s move-in packages,” said Straham.

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