The Medicine Man: SSG Clark to represent MIARNG in national MRNCO competition

Michigan Army National Guard Staff Sgt. Thomas E. Clark II, the battalion medical readiness noncommissioned officer of the 1-125th Infantry Regiment, was unanimously selected for the 2019 Michigan Army National Guard Medical Readiness Noncommissioned Officer of the Year Award (MIARNG RNCO OTY) on March 3, 2019.

“It’s pretty rewarding to see my bosses and counterparts recognize all the hard work that I’ve done,” Clark said.

The MRNCO OTY award is intended to recognize a medical readiness NCO who has demonstrated excellence in their position through contributing high levels of medical readiness while serving.

Part of the application process for the award was submission of an essay describing the meaning of being a medical readiness NCO.

Within his essay, Clark provided a comprehensive take on the responsibilities of an MRNCO; meet the Commander’s intent, maintain the highest percentage of deployable Soldiers possible, train and maintain enough qualified medics and combat lifesavers so the unit can provide immediate care.

However, when prompted, Clark gave this point-blank answer.

“Taking care of soldiers. Putting their needs above your own.”

His position demands he become a trusted counselor and caretaker of the soldiers of the Michigan National Guard, a role he takes with pride, quoting President Theodore Roosevelt:

“Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

He will now represent the Michigan Army National Guard on the national level, competing for a spot among three awardees of the 2019 Army National Guard Medical Readiness NCO of the Year Award. The results are scheduled to be announced during the annual Army National Guard Medical Team Conference in May.

In the meantime, Clark will continue in the role of MRNCO he’s held for the past 3 years, having been a medical professional in the Michigan Army National Guard for the past 9.

“It’s an excellent, rewarding career,” said Clark. “You get to take care of soldiers and you can also serve your community as well while doing it in the National Guard.”

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