3-61 CAV Trains on Close Quarter Marksmanship in Kosovo

CAMP MARECHAL DE LATTRE DE TASSINGNY, Kosovo – Soldiers with 3rd Squadron, 61st Calvary Regiment, 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, conducted reflexive fire and target acquisition training with M4 carbines and M9 pistols on May 17. The training was led by Staff Sgt. Christopher Martin and Staff Sgt. Leonard Robinson, both squad leaders in 1st Platoon, Alpha Troop.

The training exercise began around 9 a.m. with reflexive fire training. Soldiers were required to identify their targets before engaging the enemy. From there, they practiced reload drills of both their primary and secondary weapons. Upon mastering those tasks, Soldiers focused on close-quarter marksmanship where they learned transitioning drills to ensure they used the correct posture while handling their weapon system.

The 3-61 Cavalry Regiment is currently deployed to Kosovo on a nine-month peacekeeping and security mission. The regiment, from Fort Carson, Colorado, is the main maneuver element for Kosovo Force’s (KFOR) Multi-National Battle Group – East.

“I scheduled this training for my Soldiers due to the nature of the Kosovo mission,” said 1st Lt. Joshua A. Hurlbut, platoon leader for 1st Platoon, Alpha Troop. “The ability to distinguish a hostile threat, positively identify that threat, and utilize the appropriate force is vital for the Soldiers to understand and implement. We are focusing on the weapons systems that are used in our current mission but the training is applicable for any environment. Fortunately, my section leaders, Staff Sgt. Martin and Staff Sgt. Robinson, are two of the most skilled and competent staff sergeants I have ever worked with.”

At 2 p.m., Soldiers executed the culminating event of the training in which four-Soldier teams received contact while driving a vehicle. Two Soldiers in the rear seats exited the vehicle, identified, engaged and eliminated the enemy. From there, they advanced forward to take cover behind a Humvee and engaged the enemy. Once the trainer identified that the threat was eliminated, the Soldiers approached the firing box and reacted to a close enemy to their right or left. They engaged the enemy at their 12 o’clock, took turns reloading their magazines while the other continued to engage the enemy. Once the Soldier reloaded his weapon, he re-engaged the enemy and then transitioned to the M9 pistol and continued to engage. When the enemy was downed, the Soldiers secured their primary weapon while remaining on target.

Cpl. Jacob R. Mathes, the Bravo Section dismounted team leader, said, “It is good to take Soldiers and train on an event that is practical to their job.”

Mathes said he looks forward to continuing similar training with his section.

Date Taken: 05.17.2018
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