Phoenix North conducts second annual Community Salutes ceremony

PHOENIX – Phoenix North ‘Rattlers’ Recruiting Company honored 35 Future Soldiers on Armed Forces Day, at its second annual Community Salutes ceremony, Sunnyslope Community Center, May 19, Phoenix.

The event recognized high school seniors who have made a commitment to joining the U.S. Army, with those honored coming from local cities such as Anthem, Flagstaff, Black Canyon, Prescott and Paradise Valley.

Attending the event was Capt. Denard Honeysuckle, company commander, Phoenix North Rec. Co., who praised the Future Soldiers for making the decision to enlist.

“Future Soldiers – you, your families, and your friends should be proud of all that you have accomplished and more importantly for what you are about to embark upon as you join the U.S. Army team,” Honeysuckle said.

The vast array of jobs and opportunities available to these Future Soldiers are not easily found elsewhere, Honeysuckle said, with the long-term benefits invaluable.

“In this room, I see 35 high school seniors who are qualified and eager to serve their country. I see 35 Future Army Soldiers enlisting in 30 unique Military Occupational Specialties out of the Army’s inventory of over 150 jobs,” he added. “I see 35 extraordinary opportunities to grow as an individual, as a Soldier, and as a leader.

Honeysuckle reminded the 35 Future Soldiers they will play an important role in determining the Army’s future in the decades ahead and used guidance from an article by veteran Richard Jenkins titled ‘On Being a Veteran.’

“Your decision to serve your country is as impressive as it is important. You all have worked incredibly hard to get to this point, knowing full well the challenges that lie ahead,” he said. “You will mature as individuals and as members of the Army team. Take pride in knowing your individual contributions will help shape the Army of tomorrow.”

The importance of being a veteran should also be a factor in their willingness to enlist, Honeysuckle continued.

“You should find comfort and great pride in knowing that for the rest of your lives you will be a part of the small percentage of our US population who served. You will be veterans,” Honeysuckle explained.

Honeysuckle urged the inductees to put the utmost effort into their time in uniform and be an active part of any team.

“I challenge you to step up to the occasion, put your best foot forward, and serve our nation selflessly, and always remember it is not about the individual, but it is about each and every individuals contributions to the team effort,” he concluded.

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