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More Ships Needed: Navy lacks amphibious ships to support Marine Corps training

Citing a report released last week by the Government Accountability Office, The Washington Free Beacon reports that the U.S. Navy has an insufficient number of amphibious ships to support U.S. Marine Corps training requirements.

Top leaders of the Navy and Marine Corps agree with this analysis. The Navy believes it needs as many as 38 amphibious ships to meet requirements, but due to funding constraints it will not be able to acquire them until 2030.

Marine Lieutenant General Brian Beaudreault (Deputy Commandant of the Marine Corps for Plans, Policies and Operations) summed up the impact of these shortfalls on training:

“We can do some training…through virtual systems, but at some point you have to put the ships to sea and go through a mission rehearsal,” he testified. “The ability to generate the number of ships required to train at a Marine expeditionary brigade level just simply isn’t there, so we take it in bite-size chunks.”

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