Army’s integration of females into infantry: How well is it working?

A recent story by CBS News follows the experiences of female U.S. Army infantry recruits as they progress through training.

The infantry, like many combat arms career fields, was historically off-limits to female military recruits until an Obama Administration policy directed the Department of Defense to begin opening all jobs to females.

A few difficulties were highlighted:

Commanders are adjusting to new concentrations of injuries among the women. While male recruits often get ankle sprains and dislocated shoulders, women are prone to stress fractures in their hips. In the latest class, six of the seven injured women in Charlie Company had hip stress fractures.

This is likely a result of the loads infantry recruits are expected to carry. Per the article, half of the women weigh in at less than 120 pounds, but have to carry 68 pounds worth of gear.

Read more at CBS News…

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