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Amid Tensions, U.S. and Russia Can Cooperate. In the Arctic, anyway.

In recent history, the U.S. and Russia have had tense relations over a number of issues including deployment of U.S. missile defense systems, conflict in former Soviet states, and the war in Syria.

However, far from war zones it appears the two countries are capable of working together in freezing northern waters, as reported by the U.S. Naval Institute.

Unlike other parts of the world, the U.S. and Russia work well together in the Bering Sea and the Arctic. The pair is enforcing fishing regulations and other laws, conducting search and rescue operations.

The Institute cites an interesting statement by U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral Michael McAllister (who commands the U.S. Coast Guard’s 17th District, which covers Alaska).  He was addressing the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

“We see the relationship with Russia [in the Arctic] as a bright spot,” said Rear Adm. Michael McAllister speaking to an audience at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C. “We’re looking to do an exercise in 2018 [or] 2019.”

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However, there is still clearly a strategic rivalry between the two nations, even in the Arctic.  Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has recently claimed that the U.S. needs to pay more attention to the region, and that the U.S. is already falling behind China and Russia there.

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