Think it would be fun to be a drone pilot? Here’s how the Air Force trains them.

Ever think it would be fun to be a “drone driver?” America’s use of drones has expanded since the beginning of the War on Terror, and the Air Force anticipates continued growth in its use of drones in coming years.

Drones, or “Remotely Piloted Aircraft,” (RPA) can be utilized for a variety of missions. While they are often used for reconnaissance, some models can also be equipped with missiles to destroy targets, often at the command of an operator thousands of miles away.

If you would like more information on this Air Force career field, you can visit the Air Force’s RPA pilot recruitment page here.

Regarding traditional pilots who fly inside the cockpit, the Air Force has is currently suffering from acute manning shortfalls, as we recently reported.

thumbnail via U.S. Air Force channel

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