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In this video, the U.S. Army taught American women to bathe daily


This is an old training video from the Women’s Army Corps (WAC). Although the tone of this video is embarassingly patronizing now, the WAC played an important part in American history. The organization was founded during World War II to augment America’s military support functions, freeing up men for duty overseas.

The WAC continued after the war, and was only disbanded in 1978 when its members were integrated into Army units working alongside male counterparts.

As funny as this video is now, we use it to highlight how attitudes have changed over the past several decades. And whether it was with the WACs or regular units, we salute American women of all generations who have stepped forward to serve our country.

And we weren’t totally joking — they really do sort of take credit for teaching daily bathing at this point of the video.

Check it out if you don’t believe us.

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