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This World War I battle marked a key shift in how modern warfare is conducted

Although much of what we read about World War I involves the stagnation of trench warfare and troops dying by the thousands to secure an advance of mere yards, many advances in maneuver warfare that would have lasting effects emerged during the Great War.

As the U.S. was a latecomer to the war, American units first saw action in late 1917 at the Battle of Cambrai in France. Aside from providing a baptism by fire for the American troops, the battle was notable for another reason – the use of large-scale combined arms.

The battle began with a successful British offensive against the Germans….

Success of the offensive…was due to the effective coordination of combined arms, which included infantry, artillery, tanks and combat air support. All were used to overrun the German trench lines in the vicinity of the northern French town of Cambrai. Via

The American role in the battle was relatively minor, but newspaper accounts of American troops in action are said to have boosted morale back home. Read more at…

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