U.K. Conservatives vow to fight cuts to Royal Navy and Marines’ amphibious capabilities

Given that the United Kingdom is America’s closest ally, it behooves anyone who cares about U.S. defense news to keep abreast of developments in the U.K.

The ability of the U.K. to rapidly project power to hot spots around the globe is dependent in large part upon sea and air power.

The Royal Navy does not possess the relative strength it had when Britain exercised worldwide naval dominance, but it is still commonly ranked among the top 5 navies in the world.

Per reporting by the Sun UK, Conservative Members of Parliament are vowing to oppose any further reductions to their country’s amphibious forces.

In a letter to the new Defence Secretary, the backbenchers say they are “not prepared to see” any more reductions in the size of the Royal Marines or the Royal Navy’s fleet of amphibious assault ships. As the government’s Commons majority is just 13, the group is more than big enough to enforce their will in a vote in Parliament. It will force Downing Street and the Treasury to rethink plans for the MoD to make up a £2billion-a-year black hole itself. Read more at source…

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