What can private industry do to promote America’s cyber strategy?

The U.S. Cyber Command recently held it’s first “industry day” event at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. At the event, nearly 400 leaders from private industry attended briefings with Cyber Command (Cybercom) representatives to learn more about how private industry could support the command in the future.

Navy Admiral Mike Rogers set the tone at the opening:

“We have to be lean and agile as we execute our programs,” Rogers said in a video. “We cannot keep the United States safe into the future, especially in the rapidly changing domain of cyber, using a firehose approach. We have to have the precision of a microsurgeon. We can’t just be good, we have to be great. And, we can’t be great without partnerships.”

Tony Davis, formerly an acquisition executive with Cybercom, stated that cyber acquisitions must follow a more streamlined process given the timelines involved — new products are needed within “weeks or months, not months or years.”

Dennis Bartko, director of Cybercom’s Capabilities Development Group, suggested that the industry representatives should not expect large long-term projects that are normally associated with defense contracting. Instead, he said that the command would likely leverage a model alllowing for shorter project timelines that allow for changes to be made along the way to meet users’ requirements.

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