The Air Force was awarded for reacting to a racist incident… that was faked.

Many in the military and veteran communities initially felt disgust about the racist messages that has been written on some cadets’ doors at the United States Military Preparatory Academy. Racism clearly has no place in the U.S. military.

Air Force Academy Superintendent Lieutenant General Jay Silveria delivered a stirring address to an assembled group of cadets making it clear that whoever wrote those words does not belong at the Academy. His passionate speech went viral on the internet and was viewed millions of times online.

The Silveria’s response got so much positive public attention that the Academy was even given an award from the Anti-Defamation League.  However, by the time the award could be accepted, another awkward fact was publicly divulged — one of the purported victims of the messages had actually written them.

Silveria addressed this at the ADL conference:

“There have been a few that are very vocal that have come back to me that have suggested that maybe my words were over the top, that maybe my words are now null and void, or perhaps that my words are inappropriate because one of those students actually wrote it on there themselves, and I tell you, I disagree…. Because regardless of who wrote the words, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of who put that slur on the wall, it was written,” Silveria said. “Whoever wrote it, it was still written. And so, dignity and respect cannot be overemphasized.” Via

With everything that had happened, it could be said that Silveria handled this as graciously as possibly under the circumstances. Read more at the Daily Caller…

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