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Strengthening Alliances: U.S. Army troops in German-led live-fire exercise in Greece

U.S. Army air defense soldiers from 5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment recently had a unique opportunity to train in a multinational setting.

The soldiers deployed to Greece for the exercise Artemis Strike 2017, a tactical live-fire exercise led by Germany.

The purpose of the exercise is to evaluate the ability of NATO forces to create an integrated air and missile defense system. Doing so requires close coordination between U.S. Army soldiers and German air and missile defense airmen.

Army Specialist Nathaniel Murray offered his perspective on the special value of such live-fire exercises:

We train everyday with simulations, but it’s great actually being able to finish the crew drill, unlock and connect the missiles and see the product of all of our hard training.

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If this sounds like fun, you might want to consider career opportunities in one of the U.S. Army’s air defense-related military occupations specialties.  You can find them here (along with other combat-related specialties):

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