After being shot by own comrades, North Korean soldier successfully escapes to the South.

The Korea Herald reports that a North Korean soldier at the Joint Security Area (which located on the dividing line between North and South Korea) defected after having been shot by his own comrades while trying to escape.

He received gunshot wounds to the shoulder and elbow from North Korean forces while defecting. The soldier was airlifted by a United Nations Command helicopter to a hospital for treatment after arriving in South Korea, the military said. After hearing several rounds of gunfire, the South Korean military found him fallen and bleeding on the southern side of the JSA, 25 minutes later, according to the militaryVia

While this is not the first time such a defection has happened, they are rare because even low-ranking soldiers on the Northern side are said to be screened based on political reliability.

Although not all defections are marked by violence, shootings are not unprecedented. In an incident in 2012, a North Korean soldier killed two of his superiors in order to make good his escape.

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