Did you see President Trump’s speech at Yokota Airbase? Tell us what you think.

As part of his nearly 2-week long trip to visit strategically important nations of the Asia-Pacific region, President Trump recently dropped in to visit U.S. troops at Yokota Airbase in Japan.

The President praised the U.S. Air Force for their worldwide efforts in support of U.S. national security, and also praised Japan as a valued partner of the United States.

Those in attendance applauded particularly loudly when the President switched out his suit jacket for an Air Force leather flight coat gifted to him by a commander onstage, prompting the President to remark that he liked the Air Force one better and that they could keep the other one.

We assume he was joking, but if you know an airman now in possession of the President’s suit jacket, let us know!

image courtesy of Fox News (via Fox’s YouTube channel)

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