Navy returning to fundamentals? Training, cultural change to avoid preventable accidents.

An article at outlines the Navy’s efforts to curb preventable accidents such as those that caused the deaths of sailors aboard the USS McCain and USS Fitzgerald.

Most notably, the long-term elements of the plan include greater emphasis basic seamanship and navigation for both officers and enlisted sailors. Also emphasized is the need for a cultural change that will encourage commanders to correctly when the risk of an operation is unacceptably high. According to Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson, the sustained high operational tempo that commanders have handled since 9/11 may have created a culture in which they are too reluctant to make such assessments.

The chief of Naval Operations said the collisions in the Pacific that killed 10 sailors aboard the USS Fitzgerald and seven sailors aboard the USS McCain were entirely preventable, and the service is committed to correcting the actions that led to the accidents. Read more at source…

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