What is a “state guard?” Learn about state-level military forces!

The linked story below is about recent mass shooter first aid response training conducted by the Mississippi State Guard. We suspect many of our readers may not have heard of a “State Guard” before, but it is worth learning more as they can play a key role in responding to state and local emergencies and they provide volunteer opportunities that would likely be of interest to many of our readers.

Although the organization, duties, and benefits associated with state guard membership vary from state to state, there are a few common aspects. As a general matter, they are unpaid volunteers although sometimes compensation may be possible in the event of extended callups. Like the National Guard, they are required to respond when called upon by their state’s governor, but they have no federal status or service obligation.

Members typically wear uniforms similar to that of the Army, but with different nametapes and shoulder patches to avoid being confused with federal troops. Training conducted during duty weekends is often quite similar to some training received by National Guard units, particularly with regards to training applicable to cooperation with first responders and civil authorities.

For more information, start out by visiting the State Guard Association of the United States ( and then search to see if your state has a state guard or defense force you can join.

The Mississippi State Guard has an equal constitutional basis as the Mississippi Air National Guard and the Mississippi Army National Guard, as noted on its website. Emily Shirley, with only three months at the Guard, doesn’t have her uniform yet. SheRead more at source…

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