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Military Times: Marines and Enlisted most likely to support President Trump

Our President has never backed away from controversy, and according to a recent article by Military Times, his style may inspire different reactions among military members depending on service component and rank.

President Donald Trump enjoys far stronger support among members of the military than the American public at large, according to the latest scientific Military Times poll.

Yet while Trump is especially popular among enlisted troops, officers have a much lower opinion of him….

While almost 48 percent of enlisted troops approve of Trump, only about 30 percent of officers say the same, the poll shows.

Among the individual services, Trump is least popular among sailors (49 percent unfavorable) and most popular among Marines (59 percent favorable). Via

A number of explanations were offered for the President’s varying levels of support among groups within the military, including socioeconomic and regional factors. Also mentioned was the “Mattis Effect,” or the boost the President may have received due to his extremely popular Secretary of Defense.

Let us know what you think. Do the statistics reported by Military Times correspond to what you have observed among friends and colleagues?

And does his choice of cabinet members and advisors significantly affect your support for President Trump?

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