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Introducing MILFEED guest writer Matthew A. Perry

This teacher, author, and military historian is MILFEED’s featured writer this week.

Hello MILFEED readers, this week you will be reading the first of hopefully many pieces to come from me. It was my pleasure to write military history articles for a site dedicated to military and veteran readers. Let me take this opportunity to say thank you for everything that you do, and I sincerely appreciate you.

Now, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Matthew A. Perry and studying history is my passion, my career, and has played a huge role in my life. Since my teenage years, I have been obsessed with military history, specifically the American Civil War and the World Wars. When I was growing up the History Channel still showed history, so I garnered so much knowledge and entertainment from their documentaries. I attended Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia (Go Herd!) and began my quest to become a sports broadcaster. That didn’t last, the classes sucked, and I didn’t love it; I decided to pursue what I loved, even though job prospects aren’t great for history nerds like myself. I decided to take the path of becoming a history teacher, and since 2009, I have been teaching middle school history here in West Virginia.

When I began teaching, I also decided to begin my quest for a Master’s Degree in History. I chose the American Military University because I wanted to focus my degree on the military history side of things. After graduating, I started writing books. My research so far has been focused on the American Civil War. I have written three books about the Civil War in West Virginia. My first book, “Protectors of the Ohio Valley,” tells the story of my hometown of Ceredo, West Virginia and the Fifth West Virginia Volunteer Infantry that served there. My second book, “A West Virginia Rebel,” tells the story of Confederate raider Albert Gallatin Jenkins. My latest and best-received work is about the Bloody Seventh West Virginia Infantry, entitled “The Bloody Seventh: West Virginia’s Banner Regiment of the Civil War.”

You can find all my work at my Amazon page at the following link: Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction and I implore you to share these articles and share to help a great and interesting website grow.

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