Military History Update: may be rendering your favorite war book obsolete.

Covering battles from ancient times until the present day, the site is both entertaining and educational.

Screen capture from landing page.

Always eager to recognize those who put cool and useful military history content out for free, we would like to call your attention to  The site is run by Jonathan Webb, an intelligence analyst with the Canadian Armed Forces.  A number of fairly popular sites have focused on bringing old battle maps to life through animation, but we felt that this site in particular captured a few essential elements worthy of recognition.

  1. A clear and concise tactics tutorial.  By providing a plain language summary of some fundamental tactical maneuvers, Webb has made the entire website quite accessible to a general audience.
  2. Coverage of battles from ancient times to the modern era.  Starting as far back as 1285 BC, the site works its way forward through history all the way to the present fight against ISIS.
  3. Usage of standard symbology.  For those who have not sat through a staff college or some similar training, watching the the symbols representing various unit types move around the map may seem odd at first.  However, by consistently using the same graphical scheme to represent units moving around the battlefield during all historical eras, Webb has helped put the focus on maneuver rather than on the technical details of how the formations in question were staffed and equipped.  Obviously human and materiel factors are significant, but the consistent symbology used in these animations helps the viewer focus on those tactical maneuver principles that have endured despite constant technological change..

Once again kudos to Jonathan Webb for  We hope to see more of his great work in the future.

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