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They once defended our freedom, and now these veterans are protecting endangered species.

Learn about the work of Veterans Protecting African Wildlife (

We were intrigued when we heard about foreign volunteers contributing their talents to the fight against the poaching of endangered species in Africa.
One particularly interesting organization involved in this cause is Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife.  The group utilizes the talents of U.S. veterans to provide valuable training to the African park rangers who make up the front line element of the fight to stop the poachers.
With an Advisory Board including two Medal of Honor recipients, VETPAW’s credentials are impressive.  But this quote from Ryan Tate on the founding of the organization really illustrates its unique value proposition:
“Learning about the brutality of the poaching crisis and the rangers who are dying protecting wildlife, hit me harder than anything I’d ever seen—and I’ve seen some crazy stuff. I realized I have the skills necessary to help save animals and the people who risk their lives daily.”
If you interested in learning more about VETPAW, see their website at

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