The Coast Guard saved a guy. And his dog. In a boat…made of duct tape.

An off-duty Coastie noticed this man in his unsafe watercraft and made a call.



We all know about the great work the U.S. Coast Guard does saving human lives and protecting maritime security.

But on rare occasions they get to help out man’s best friend as well.

Recently a 32-year-old was paddling his makeshift boat near Juneau Alaska when an off-duty Coast Guard officer spotted him and called in the incident.  Per the USCG’s report, the man was not wearing a life jacket.

We’ll assume that his dog wasn’t wearing one either.

Happily, a Coast Guard small boat crew responded to the call and rescued the man (and presumably the dog too) before disaster could strike.

The USCG is too polite to do this, so MILFEED will offer a few suggestions to the general public:

1.  Unless you have some special training, do not take to the sea in a craft of your own construction.  Really, just buy one.  This isn’t a homebrew sort of hobby.

2.  If you do make a boat, it should have a structure of a permanent nature and duct tape, useful though it can be, should not be used to seal it.

3.  When you decide to ignore the two previous warnings above, leave your dog out of it.  You never hear about dogs getting into trouble on the water.  Maybe we should defer to their judgment a little and keep theme out of our more innovative plans.

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