Private Nadir was once an Afghan interpreter for U.S. forces… and now he’s a U.S. Marine!

Thank you for serving (again)!


Interpreters supporting U.S. troops in operations overseas experience great danger both during and after their service.  In some cases, interpreters and their families have become targets of terrorist groups who seek to make an example out of those who support coalition forces.

In recognition of these special hardships, the U.S. created the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program.  Under this program, certain persons employed or contracted in support of U.S. efforts overseas can qualify to immigrate permanently to the United States.

Mohammad Nadir was once such interpreter.  He supported the International Security Assistance Force in Helmand Province, Afghanistan and moved to the U.S. with an SIV in 2014.

After arriving in the U.S., Nadir decided he wanted to become a Marine like the ones he had seen in Afghanistan.  He has now graduated MCRD San Diego and will be train to be an infantryman.

Read more about his story at

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